Crafted for serious overseas recruiting agencies

Streamline operations in your company with a highly specialized ERP system

Cloud or In House Hosting

Build for the cloud or in-house hosting with minimum hardware requirements and full customization


Work from anywhere anytime. The system is compatible with any mobile, desktop or custom screen size


The system is built with various security protection layers right from the development to deployment stage

Speed Optimized

Enjoy fast click and go operations as you use a system built and optimized for an everyday usage in mind

Pay as you go

No upfront fees, pay a small setup fee and get going. Continue paying as you enjoy the product

24/7 Support

With our 24/7 chat, email and phone support, you can't go wrong. Get a dedicated support assistant

System Modules

Take a close look at some of the system modules


Thoroughly visualize how clients navigate through the different operational stages

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Proper management of finances is the center of success for all businesses

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From the reception to the final exit of the candidate, every step is captured

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Visualize reports, summaries and complains at all levels of operation

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Increase the Agility of Work

Collaborate, define task, follow up and visualize all operation in a single place

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Perfect for Operations
HR and Finance

Manage staff operations, access individual performance and streamline your financial operations

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