The Labor Export Management Information System (LaborMIS) is a dedicated human resource recruitment management information system developed by leading human resource externalization experts in Uganda. Hosted on the cloud, the system features modules for internal staffing in Uganda and external recruitment for workers moving to foreign countries.

Implemented by Othware, the system has been deployed in various companies and fine-tuned to the regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Gender, labor, and Social Development.

The system includes various modules linked to other industry systems like Musaned, and EEMIS among others.

The system database captures data from when an applicant enters the External Employment recruitment company, candidate self-application management, passport processing, vetting, training, interviews, Interpol, SMS reminders, analytics, file management, and ticket booking until the candidate travels, including tracking complaints from candidates already deployed for work. The system is optimized for fast data processing even with large amounts of records of data and includes various access levels to ensure security and includes options for exporting data to various formats like Excel, PDF, CSV etc.

Othware has the best Human Resource Management Information System in Uganda, featuring the latest human resource processes, practices, and compliance mechanisms.

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